Hello there. Welcome to Galaxy Groves. We appreciate your interest in our company. This crazy journey all started in the middle of nowhere in Oregon, trying to produce something that was worth fighting for. By starting off breeding the genetics, we learned how to appreciate everything this plant provides to us.


    Once we learned all the goodies, we focused on maximizing the potential of these genetics. The goal is to allow these plants to shine through the oil. Noone truly knows what is exactly helping people in these products. But, we do know that when you respect the plant and make sure to keep all cannabinoids and terpenes in the final oil, we get better treatment. There are awesome white papers we have in our Blog section for you to fall down the rabbit hole.



    Galaxy Groves spends everyday creating the best products for you to enjoy. As a small batch grower and processor, we take our beautiful genetics, extract their full spectrum oil and strategically place it into products. All of our oil is third party tested with the highest standard. Please enjoy our products. We have taken a lot of positive energy and love and infused it into these items. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, we are always here to help.