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Step into a world where flavor reigns supreme with Galaxy Groves' newest strain, Lemon Fire Runtz- ❄️ Nexus Base. Join our Telegram community at Galaxy Groves THCA and be the first to savor our latest harvest.

Pack Options: Available in 3.5g, 7g, 14g and 28g selections

🍋 Strain: Lemon Fire Runtz- ❄️ Nexus Base

  • 🌿 Type: Slightly Indica-dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa)
  • 👶🏻 Genetics: A fiery blend of Fire OG x Lemon Kush
  • 👅 Flavor: A bold mix of spicy lemon and sweet citrus that tantalizes the taste buds
  • 👃🏻 Aroma: Aromatic sweet herbs intertwined with fresh lemon and an earthy pungency that envelops the senses


  • Exquisite Quality: Our Indoor Exotic THCA flower strains are the pinnacle of luxury, offering unparalleled sensory experiences.
  • Therapeutic Potential: Uncover the potential wellness benefits of THCA in every bud, crafted for those seeking both flavor and function.
  • Mindful Farming: Each strain is cultivated sustainably and organically, reflecting our commitment to honoring the earth with every grow.

Directions: Dive into the essence of Lemon Fire Runtz- ❄️ Nexus Base through your preferred method, be it smoking, vaping, or as a unique culinary ingredient. Begin with a modest amount and adjust to find your perfect balance.

Galaxy Groves is committed to excellence, and our Exotic Indoor THCA Flower selection is a testament to our passion for premium cannabis. The Lemon Fire Runtz- ❄️ Nexus Base strain is crafted for connoisseurs who demand the finest in flavor and quality.

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All Galaxy Groves products comply with the 2018 Farm Bill, containing under 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Stay updated and connected with our Telegram community for the latest on our exquisite offerings.