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Nutrient Tea


Elevate Your Hydration with Nutrient Tea: The Original Wellness Elixir 🍵

Unlock the power of hydration and wellness with Vault LLC's pioneering product: The VITALS Biohacking Nutrient Tea 🌿. Crafted for the health-conscious individual, our Original formula is a testament to purity and potency, designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.

Pack Size: 30 CT 📦 - Embark on a month-long journey towards revitalized health.

Directions: Transform your water 💧 into a nutrient-packed elixir. Simply add 1-2 tubes to a bottle of water, shake well 🌀, and experience hydration like never before.

Key Ingredients: Dive into the essence of nature with every sip. Our nutrient tea 🍂 is free from dyes and artificial flavoring 🚫🎨🚫🍬, ensuring you receive the purest form of hydration. It features a powerful blend of Fulvic and Humic Acid, along with essential Trace Minerals 🌱, designed to enhance cellular hydration, nutrient absorption, and overall well-being.

Nutrition Facts: Zero calories per serving 🔢🚫, making it the perfect addition to any diet.

Elevate your daily hydration with The VITALS and unlock a new level of wellness 🌟.